February: National unemployment and Mobilization of the Workers, Native Farmers and other social organizations of the country.

The answer of the Noboa's government to the insistent questions and exigencies that have made the labor organizations, the native-farmers, the social and popular movements of the country realize from the beginning of January of this year, because of the ominous economic measures decreed at the end of December and rectify the government's political mistakes that are doing as much damage to him as he is doing to the impoverished majorities of our country, has been: to diminish the actions of the popular organizations; to apply a hard police and military repression against the demonstrators, even using firearms; to order to prison indigenous and popular union leaders; to prevent the provision of water, of public services and the supply of foods to the indigenous comrades who are concentrated in the Salesiana University, violating in this way the rights to unionization and human rights and, finally, not satisfied with his decree of the State of Emergency for the whole country, demonstrating once again his great power, his stubbornness and his total refusal to the open dialogue that will allow us to find a conscientious solution, balanced and just to the requirements and expectations of the people.

These mistaken actions of the President and his power group of advisers, instead of appeasing our anguished plea he makes us stronger to face this struggle and to not be dismayed in our intent that they will listen to our pleas and take care of our circumstances and to repeal the last economic measures.

For this reason, we have made a firm and combative call to all our militants (branches of the national federations, provincial, cantonal, landlord associations, company committees, unions, etc) to every corners of the country, that on Wednesday 7th of February we carry out National Unemployment, we will mobilize and raise with greater force our voice of protest against:

  • Rejection of the State of Emergency.
  • The unconditional freedom of the prisoners.
  • Rescind the economic measures, without any conditions
  • Reject the elevation of the IVA.
  • Wage overhaul according to inflation.
  • Rejection of the brutal police and military repression.
  • Against the Colombia Plan that is affecting the border zone of the country.
  • Reject the presence of the North American military at the base of Manta.

Unemployment and the mobilizations on the 7th will culminate with a Great March, at 4:00PM, to the most strategic places of each city, going to the government building to give manifestos to the authorities and to express the position of the working-class and the people. In the case of the capital, Quito, the Great March will go to the Palace of Government.

Quito, 5th of February 2001