Quito, 7th of February, 2001

Indian Blood Yields Profits for the People of Ecuador

Indian blood splashed on the face of President Noboa has reached a level of sensitivity. We trust that these stains on the face of the President he will never get rid of, so that the politicians and next government officials will remember that they must govern for all Ecuadorians.

This Wednesday 7th of February an agreement was signed between the Leadership of the Indigenous Organizations CONAIE, FEINE, FENOCIN, FEI, FENACLE, CONFEUNASE, ECUARUNARI, CONFENIAE, that contemplates among other achievements, the following:

  • lowering of the price of gas by 40 cents in the dollar
  • freezing of the price of fuels for a year
  • students, children and older people will pay half-fare on public transport
  • The Kérex Plan will not be implemented in the indigenous communities because it is so toxic
  • Restructure, strengthening and capitalization of the Development Bank
  • Recovery of the trading portfolio due from the banks in which the AGD intervened
  • Increase of the budget for indigenous organizations CODENPE (development), DINEIB (education) and DNSI (health)
  • Swap the External Debt for the conservation of the environment, for the benefit of local government and the indigenous communities
  • Create a solution to the different conflicts on land and water that face the indigenous communities - farmers
  • The implementation of policies that benefit emigrants
  • To look for consensus for the reform of the social security and proceed to payment of the debt to the farmer's social insurance
  • The necessity that the country abstains from participating in the Colombia Plan because it pursues war and death

Another aspect that is contemplated is the disparaging of the State of Emergency and fundamentally reparation to the relatives of the assassinated comrades and those injured by the government of President Noboa.

If anyone is interested in having a copy of this agreement in its entirety, write to us at our email address at Conaie@listas.ecuanex.net.ec and with pleasure we will send them to you.