Quito, February 5, 2001

Urgent, Urgent

At this time, 4:00 P.M. the police is attempting a violent evacuation against the thousands of comrades who are in the Polytechnical University Salesiana.

We urgently ask that you develop information and actions to stop these disastrous events, that have come about in the last few hours. You will be given an update soon.

While the government hides in a dialog without answers, in the provinces he massacres us.

This Sunday and Monday the representatives of the Government with the Vice-president at its head and the organizations with the vice-presidents of organizations CONAIE, FEINE, FENOCIN and SOCIAL INSURANCE FARMER, CONFENIAE, ECUARUNARI will begin to discuss the agenda proposed by the Indigenous Nations.

In the first meetings, we demonstrated to the Government that it was possible to apply other economic measures, as well as of the possibility and necessity to review the economic measures. But before the arguments, and the inability of the VICE-PRESIDENT TO MAKE A DECISION, the government responds stubbornly based on the only reasons it has, the repressive force and the preservation of resources for the banking interests and big business.

That attitude has expressed itself in the provinces of Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Ca6nar, Loja, Cotopaxi, Imbabura and Napo, through the police and military forces, they responded with bullets, teargas and jail: on this day alone it has caused us: 4 dead and 9 hurt in the province of the Napo. Among the dead we have a boy of 10 years shot in the head. And the military leader of that zone in declarations to the media indicated "we have not come to repress but to restore peace". 123 prisoners in the province of Tungurahua. 15 wounded tens of comrades are tied to posts and struck with chains and sticks.

Confronted with this "FORM OF DIALOG OF THIS GOVERNMENT", our comrades who were participating in the conversations with the Vice-president of the Republic withdrew until they find human attitude and a minimum of sensitivity to the anguish of the indigenous people. THE MAJORITY OF ECUADORIANS DEMANDS DIALOG While 66% of Ecuadorians support the indigenous movement and barely 28% support the President of the Republic, according to a poll conducted by CEDATOS; 75% of Ecuadorians demand that talks are a necessity!

Mr. president listen to the people!

Why do you think that we have this great endorsement of the Population? Because we like most of the Ecuadorians are HUNGRY. Your famous "dollarization" and holy repression are impoverishing us and annihilating us.

With great dignity, 42 of our brothers made a high sacrifice for the new life that we want, a hunger strike that already lasted near 48 hours. MR. PRESIDENT THE ECUADORIANS ARE NOT, ONLY THE SMALL GROUPS THAT STAY IN THE HOTELS, BEACHES AND RANCHES THAT YOU ALWAYS VISIT. WE ARE 12 MILLION ECUADORIANS, WE ARE IN THE COAST, MOUNTAINS AND AMAZONIA... in the high deserts, in the thick amazonian and coastal forest. To govern for and with the people, amid the pressures and special interests, it takes men and women who are knowledgeable, who have integrity, are human and brave. YOU HAVE DEMONSTRATED YOU ARE DEFICIENT IN THESE.

AMA SHUA- Don't steal
AMA LLULLA-Don't lie
AMA QUILLA-Don't be Idle

Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE)

Urgent call to stop massacres ordered by the government of Ecuador

Demand President Noboa stops the death, the beatings and imprisonment

FAX of the President
593 2 580 - 735

202 4 583992

Demand that they interpose precautionary measures to cripple the government and prevent it using combat operations and evacuation against the thousands of natives who are in Polytechnical School Salesiana.

CONAIE, thank you for your solidarity