Quito, Ecuador 3 February 2001

Alert about what is happening in Ecuador

Rights of citizens of Ecuador are violated

Despotism in Ecuador by the president upon decreeing a state of emergency adding to the state of internal disturbance.

We have endured the internal disturbance of the government, they have come striking day to day the tranquility, the justice, and the stability of our homes, by force more than two million have had to flee to different countries for the survival of their children and our elders.

On the other hand, those who have administered the institutions of the State have been the representatives of the groups of economic power, and are exactly those responsible for this crisis, those who accuse the State of inefficiencies and the need to privatize services and rights that the State is constitutionally obliged to answer. But what is too much is that these greedy sectors of wealth need time and again for the State for "to save their businesses, squandering, and theft". To this State of Commotion, there has been immunity and impunity.

But now the government and the President of the Republic now decrees a State of Emergency and of exception of rights and civil guarantees, to "legally" sharpen [?] the levels of repression and violence, that they have been exercising since two weeks ago, against the Indigenous Nationalities.

They really never had interest in dialogue, it is worthwhile to examine their behavior in these two weeks: 10 injured by shooting, 40 injured by bombing, many bruised, more than 300 detained. The farce of wanting dialogue tried new levels of national and international pressure, as hundreds of opinions from the press, non-governmental institutions, sectors of the different churches, multilateral agencies justify it.

ANXIETY WITH THE "AUTHORITY AND MORALITY" OF STATE The Government of the President Noboa, through the State of Emergency and statements of his officials, excuses the LEVELS OF VIOLENCE EXERCISED. What principles and human values we can find in individuals who justify their conduct with the notorious Morality of State, the violation of personal rights and of the nation.

Urgent call

We call all people and national and international institutions, and Human Rights agencies, to intervene URGENTLY in the serious situation that exists in Ecuador. We invite you to assume the responsibility of avoiding MASACRES, INCARCERATION and TORTURE against the Indigenous Nationalities and the leaders of their organizations. And to demand the Government of Ecuador enters into a dialogue responsibly with the different Indigenous Nationalities and sectors of the country, in order to leave together the crisis in which the groups of economic and political power have taken us.

To the Armed Forces

We appeal to the Armed Forces to abstain from executing any order that violates the life and integrity of the persons that the CONSTITUTION protects. Consider that on the side of the indigenous people and of the majority of the poor, are your children, brothers and families. Ask yourself, who are on the other side?

Dignity grows with the hunger strike

Facing the violent attitude of the Government, 50 comrades of the 13 thousand comrades that are in the Salesian Polytechnic University, have decided to start a HUNGER STRIKE, as an act to increase dignity and humanity. These comrades will be encouraged by the presence of 350 children, who as symbols of new life, will be together with their mothers and fathers in this University and in the paralyzed highways along 12 provinces of the country.

A forum for the dialogue

Confronting despotism, the Nationalities and rural and native organizations, we call the different sectors of the country to a dialogue, so that in the middle of this darkness, collectively we go on building the light of hope of an Ecuador for everyone's dreams.

Because we are sincere

We are a single thought a single heart and a single fist