Bulletin ICCI N° 30 september , 2001





The images that we get from the civilian victims and the destruction of one of the poorest people on earth, caused by an avenging action by the most important power in history of humanity, oblige us to reflect upon various aspects of the ‘’new era’’ which according to the media begin to open up to humanity.

They don’t appear to be images of a new era, nor of a new century, those who use the high technology to cause death and destruction of the same dark-skinned and hungry bodies, of the same ‘’soil’’ houses, of the same scrap metal soldier who, if he hadn’t been stationed in Afghanistan could have been in any part of Latin-America, Asia or Africa.

The calls for peace and the growing protests by European and North-American citizens, the voices of important world-leaders and the analysis of important resources from all over the world about the inadequacy of a violent answer to the problem of terrorism did not achieve their goal, but did change the name of the operation and warn us about the leftovers that rockets and bombs will leave behind.

Can there be greater hypocrisy than that of nocturnal bombardments where they fire intelligent rockets worth millions of dollars to scatter death followed by the bombardment of a couple of millions of dollars of food? Let us imagine all those widows, orphans, and those injured the day after the bombardments finding some consolidation in collecting their losses and the gifts of the murderers of their parents, children or brothers.

Is it that the North-American spying agencies mislead their government and the North-American congress, informing them that the tactics being use really will put an end to terrorism? It wouldn’t be the first time that they deceive them. The recent history is filled with examples in which the CIA has constructed false histories to justify activities or inactivities of their government: the Vietnam-War, the invasion of Cambodia, the Greek dictatorship, the coup against Allende, the Iran– Contra case, the Cóndor Plan and an endless list of others.

Or is it that the war against Afghanistan just disguises the true interests of the United States and its desire to put the entire world under its guardianship?

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disappearance of the USSR and the end of the Warsaw-pact, the ‘’dangerous communism’’ was gone. The European countries began to discuss the necessity of putting an end to the NATO and establishing a European security pact that included ex-socialist countries.

Coincidence? An old ally of the United States, Saddam Hussein, decides to invade the former Province of Iraq, Kuwait. This provided to the United States the great pretext not only to maintain the Atlantic alliance but also to turn it into the big world-wide police.

The allied military forces lead by the United States, bombarded and invaded Iraq, forcing Hussein to withdraw the annexation of Kuwait. The US established harsh economic, political and military sanctions ‘’against this evil government’’ and allowed them to stay in existence. Already having carried out the actions that provided the pretext for the invasion, it was worth the trouble to leave the demon in place for a possible next "crusade’’.

Later on, a country that had been a model of tolerance and intercultural coexistence, which during 50 years had seen Christians and Muslims work together and a rainbow of cultures "accidentally" falls apart with clashes between Serves and Croats, Albanians and Kosovaros, Christians and Muslims; Yugoslavia is bleeding, it turns into the embarrassment of Europe; the NATO intervenes. The world-police charged by the United States consolidates in.

A terrorist attack kills more than six thousand civilians in the Twin Towers in New York City, the public opinion in North America cries out for revenge; Bush threatens with a big world-wide crusade against terrorism, which begins with a war against Afghanistan. The world-police comes back in action, and after the bombardments follows the invasion.

But it doesn’t stop here, a list of terrorists was published, who, besides Ossama Bin Laden will have to be eliminated, according to the selection criteria of this same world-police. The consolidation of power has to appear world-scale and this is realised under the slogan: "with us, or with terrorism", hereby establishing the obligation to align oneself with the US and prohibiting any third or neutral position.

Who follow on this list of terrorists to be punished?

Like in its time were created t_ _a_u_t_o_m_a_t_i_s_a_t_i_o_n_,_ _i_t_ _i_m_p_l_e_m_e_n_t_s_ _t_h_e_ _f_u_n_d_a_m_e_n_t_a_l_ _p_l_a_n_ _o_f_ _a_ _g_l_o_b_a_l_ _e_c_o_n_o_m_y_ _w_i_t_h_o_u_t_ _r_e_s_t_r_i_c_t_i_o_n_s_._ _T_h_e_ _e_x_e_r_c_i_s_e_ _o_f_ _t_h_i_s_ _h_u_m_a_n_ _a_c_t_i_v_it_y _i_s_ _b_a_s_e_d_ _o_n_ _t_h_e_ _i_d_e_o_l_o_g_y_ _o_f_ _c_o_m_p_e_t_i_t_i_o_n_ _a_n_d_ _e_f_f_i_c_i_e_n_c_y_._ _S_i_n_c_e_ _i_t_ _i_s_ _s_t_a_t_e_d_ _t_h_a_t_ _t_h_e_ _l_a_b_o_u_r_ _r_e_l_a_t_i_o_n_s_ _h_a_v_e_ _i_m_p_r_o_v_e_d_ _f_u_n_d_a_m_e_n_t_a_lthe AUC of Castaño, serve as excuse for a much more direct intervention than that of Plan Colombia?

The threat that looms over our countries is today much closer. For the peoples of America and in particular for the Ecuadorian indigenous movement, candidate for entering on the list of ‘’terrorists’’ for their political commitment against the globalisation model and the construction of a solidaritous world, this sets up an urgent task: support the opposition to neo-liberalism in Ecuador and to establish compromises with the indigenous organisations and workers of the neighbouring peoples by presenting a united front capable of halting the interference by the world police and the submissive politics of our governments.